I took voluntary retirement from Indian Civil Service (Indian Postal Service – 1989 batch) in the year 2012 to be able to work more closely with disadvantaged communities. In a professional career spanning more than 28 years, during, before, and after my stint with the Government of India, I have been engaged with almost all institutional arrangements for public service delivery.

I have worked at senior management positions with Government of India, a UN agency, and some of the world’s most prominent voluntary organizations. I have taught at a university, and have been associated with a training institute and a world-class research institute. I founded and ran an elementary school promoting holistic education aimed at developing children’s intellectual, psychological, physical and kinesthetic faculties, and founded a voluntary organization working towards sustainable development. I also worked as President for a prestigious corporate setup experimenting with leveraging corporate sector efficiency for delivery of development, and certain public services through robust business models. I am currently engaged with smallholder farmers and landless laborers, and assisting them in improving their social and economic wellbeing.

I thus have rich work experience in public administration, development, academic, and corporate sectors. In the process, I have managed substantial projects, large number of people and significant amounts of financial resources, and have delivered financial, communication, ICT, education, development, and other services and products in vast geographical areas.

I combine skills of a theoretician with my work as a practitioner. I did my doctoral research at the University of Manchester, UK, that involved exploring ways and means to expand and deepen financial markets in India, and link them up with social protection, in order to reduce poverty. I have published research articles in various peer-reviewed international academic journals, authored a book, and have contributed chapters to edited books. I have also reviewed about two dozen submissions to some prestigious journals such as International Journal of Public Administration (Routledge, UK), Development in Practice (Taylor&Francis, UK), Journal of Economics and International Business Management (Scienceweb Publishing, UK) and Journal of Development Policy and Practice (Sage Publications, India).

I so far refrained from blogging as I was too busy writing academic papers, while holding full time jobs outside academics in addition to researching on various social and economic issues facing the households living in conditions of poverty and deprivation. However, as academic writing reaches a minuscule readership, I had no option but to turn to blogging to be able to connect with a larger number of people, policymakers, and others who are writing on the subjects of my interest.


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